Sunday Sport Newspaper 10th January 1988

Some of the headlines and stories inside this vintage Sunday Sport newspaper: Royal sex photos stolen, Sex scandal of the filthy Arabs, Drug doc is a monster.

Glamour models featured inside this newspaper: Zeta Ross, Sunday Sport glamour girl revue: Sami, Heather, Sally Anne, Amanda, Gaynor. Gaynor Goodman, Jenny Brooks, Maria Dooley, Simone Francis, Maria Whittaker, Tina Small, Suzie Sparks.

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Sunday Sport Newspaper 3rd January 1988

Front cover from the Sunday Sport newspaper from 3rd Jan 88Sunday Sport back page 3/1/88

Stories and headlines inside this vintage Sunday Sport newspaper: Prince Charles murder plot, The Krays the real truth.

Models who have photos inside this newspaper: Terri Woods, Debee Ashby,    Paula Hauerman, Pauline Hinkley, Karen Kelly, Tracey Clemmit, Kate Hamilton.

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Parade Magazine Number 43 from 1986

Front cover of Parade magazine volume 23 from 1986Vintage mens glamour mag Parade from 1986

A vintage U.K mens glamour magazine from 1986, Parade number 43.

Models inside this old magazine: Zeta Ross, Lindy Gale, Keli Stewart, Casie Mills, Carina Roma, Julia Smart, Julie Jenson, Tracey Neves, Sarah Mealing, plus other uncredited models.

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