Old Sunday Sport Newspaper from 1st March 1987

The front page of the Sunday Sport newspaper from 1-march-1987 with photo of Tanya PrimeOld UK tabloid Sunday Sport newspaper back page

Some of the articles inside this old Sunday Sport newspaper: 84” whopper she’s a nun, Ghost jails armed thief, Sheffield Wednesday FC team poster

Glamour models who appear inside this issue of the Sunday Sport newspaper: Tanya Prime, Tina Small, Amanda Jayne, Jeanette Cook, Karen Thomas, Terri Randal, Karen Rice, Yvonne Smith, Diane Harman, Maxine Johnson, Michelle Jones.

Free download of this old Sunday Sport newspaper from https://soa.pe/ss-1-mar-87
Backup download location https://soa.pe/sundaysport-1-3-87

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