Sunday Sport Newspaper 28 August 1988

Vintage Sunday Sport British tabloid newspaper download for freeBack page of the Sunday Sport newspaper from 28 August 1988

A selection of headlines from inside this vintage newspaper; Moors monster’s lust for naked girl, Alien baby found in the jungle.

Models featuring inside this old Sunday Sport newspaper: Jenny Blyth, Karen Brennan, Sarah Jayne, Sabrina, Tanya Webb, Tina Brown, Sarah Jane, Anne Quoroll.
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The Sport newspaper 24 August 1988

Front page of the Sport newspaper from 24 Aug 1988Back page of the Sport newspaper from 23th Aug 1988

Stories inside this vintage Sport tabloid newspaper: Satan mob out to kill me, Worlds biggest dog.

Topless glamour models in this newspaper Carol-Lynn, Andrea Kovic, Linda St Claire, Stephanie Bews.

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Sunday Sport Newspaper 21 August 1988

Front page of the British tabloid newspaper The Sunday Sport from 21 August 1988Back page of the Sunday Sport newspaper from 21 Aug 88

Some of the crazy stories inside this old Sunday Sport newspaper. World war 2 bomber found on moon vanishes, Horror hubby turns wife into coffee table.

Page 3 models and celebrities who appear in this paper: Julia Boss, Amanda Forbes,  Solonge Xuan Hop, Marsha Cashin, Sabrina, Vida Garmen, Bianca King

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The Sport newspaper 17 August 1988

Front cover of the first mod-week edition of the Daily Sport UK tabloid newspaperBack page of the first ever  Daily sport  newspaper published 17th August 1988

This was the first edition of the Sport newspaper not to be published on a Sunday, Named 'The Sport' is was a mid week edition released on a Wednesday and later a Friday edition would be published. Apart from the slight difference in the name it was the same format as the Sunday edition, a mix of real and made up stories, photos of celebrities and topless models and actual sport news.

A selection of stories in this newspaper, Hubby eaten alive by wife, Housewife eats 2 tiny flying saucers.
Models topless inside Sarah Hollett, Lu Vorley, Andrea Coombes.

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Sunday Sport Newspaper 14th August 1988

Front page of a vintage Sunday Sport UK tabloid newspaper from 14th August 1988Sunday Sport British tabloid newspaper back page from 14 August 1988

Some of the wacky stories inside this vintage Sunday Sport newspaper. 62 stone Monster eats up farmyard, Yobs from space stole our boozer, Elvis Presley to come out of hiding, Lord Lucan spotted on missing Shergar.

Celebrity and page 3 models photos inside: Natalie Banus, Kathy Lloyd, Marie Harper, Venetia Benefer, Jamie Weston, Nikki Webb

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Sunday Sport newspaper 7th August 1988

front page of the UK tabloid newspaper the Sunday Sport from 7 August 88Back page of the Sunday Sport newspaper from 7 August 1988

Headlines and stories inside this vintage British tabloid newspaper: Body snatchers savaged my husband, Jobless tonsil-eater tucks into cannibal restaurant.

Topless page 3 glamour models who appear inside this vintage newspaper: Terri Woods, Jenny Blythe, Zeta Ross, Julie Crooks, Sarah Connew, Maria Andronikor, Sunday sport roadshow girls.

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Razzle magazine volume 9 number 11

Front cover of Razzle magazine from 1991
A vintage mens glamour magazine from 1991. There are several recognisable British models inside this magazine but the only one i could name was Vida Garman.

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